dct coiled tubing

amkin mfg handles and supports the legacy products of amkin technologies. years of development in shallow depth coiled tubing drilling along WITH SUPPORTING down hole tools are maintained and preserved. IN A VARIETY OF applications including shallow oil and gas, hvac geothermal, and mining, these designs have been utilized all over the world

DCT Coiled Tubing Equipment

The patented process of our Coiled Tubing Equipment is the culmination of various field trials and engineering assessments, coordinated with drilling contractors and in-house engineering. Fully contained CT units capable of drilling shallow depth boreholes up to 7000 ft utilizing tubing up to 2.875". The unit designs greatly increase productivity and enhanced cuttings flowback due the limitation of pipe joints. These units have been utilized in HVAC geothermal, CBM, and oil and gas applications.

DCT 150 V

DCT 800 V


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