Amkin MAnufactures soeme products, and we think we do a good job....we have a facility, adn some people and tools. IT department needs help, but we have a great gaurd dog

This is cool postpuller talk...we contract mfg and its really great, except when it breaks, but we are working on that, engineer has a drinkgin problem, and is missing three fingers

AmKin Mfg handles and supports all legacy DCT coil tubing equipment developed by Amkin Technologies. This includes the DCT150V, DCT800V, DCT800VTL and the Amkin Coil tubing orienter. Click the button below for more details and information

We also do manufacturign services. We can cut, weld, grind, paint, assembly, wire, test, break, test...all sorts of stuff. imagine the possibilities when you have a hammer and spatula. Cant wait to see it after it bakes

The only link from here is to Contact US for your project. Not going to carry this to a page right now. may be in the future when we start doing more, it will help round out the work

Third party fabrication and assembly services are available to our clients. Whether it’s a fabricated skid, or package assembly system, let our team is ready to help.