From Concept to Manufacture

AMKIN Inc. (American Kinetics) is a one source concept, design, engineering, fabrication/manufacturing company that can take your ideas and turn them into marketable products impacting a variety of markets. From consumer goods to industrial parts and equipment, AMKIN can help you define your focus to fully develop your concept.

How We Can Help

AMKIN can assist you the moment you have a business viable concept. We engineer all aspects of the product and establish a fabrication/manufacturing framework that will take your concept into production to achieve a marketable product.

Our design and engineering teams work with our marketing concept group to help produce a product that can be manufactured at the highest level of quality for the lowest price point. We understand the market environment and have a wealth of resources, which assist in bringing new products to market faster.

AMKIN can also help establish market scopes and define customer basis for product injection. Full financial analysis is observed to ensure all projects meet expectations. Capital funding, either direct or through a funding source (on a select basis), is also available to take products through design, production, and marketing phases of the product development.

Our Capabilities

AMKIN Manufacturing operates out of a 25,000 square foot facility, with full power and lift needs to handle most projects. We maintain strong disciplines in electro mechanical and hydraulic mechanical assembly and design along with full in-house design fully licensed, 2D and 3D software.

  • Consulting

  • Product Development

  • Investments

  • Financial Discipline

  • Servant Leadership

How We Help... Watch our video

Our knowledge and experience is at your disposal. If you have an idea or product that would help solve your company’s production issues, we’re here to help.

Manufactured Products

As we develop products, we welcome you to learn more about their features and have the option to pre-buy. Our current highlighted product is the POSTpuller!